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Tõstamaa Manor was first mentioned in 1553, when it belonged to the bishop of Saare-Lääne. The current main building was completed in early classical style in 1804. The Manor was entirely reconstructed between 1876 and 1877 in historical style. The frescoes have also been preserved from this period. Since 1921 the manor has housed a school. The comprehensive restoration work which began in 1996 was completed in 2004. During this process the beautiful frescoes and murals hidden under the layers of paint were restored, along with the sweeping staircase in the vestibule and the building’s façades. Reproductions of world-famous artist and philosopher Nikolai Roerich are displayed in the manor.

Tõstamaa Manor museum

The local museum, opened in the basement and chimney hall of Tõstamaa Manor in 2006, introduces the life of local people through items and photos.

You can see several exhibitions in the basement hall of the museum, which include a room full of different tools, school supplies, domestic items, Soviet and marine exploration items, as well as those associated with the lives of fishermen. You can take a look at the mantle chimney and different temporary exhibitions in the chimney hall on the second floor.

You can go on a tour of the manor where you will learn about its history and about the life of its owners. Or you can learn about the history of Tõstamaa. In the cinema basement hall, you will find a fascinating private collection, which offers interesting discoveries in the field of cinema for visitors of all ages. 

NB! From September until the end of May, the manor and the museum can be visited with a guide only.

Photo: Eveli Ilvest

Cultural holiday

Most authentic way to discover cultural heritage of Tõstamaa Manor, Tõstamaa Manor’s surroundings and Tõstamaa, is take on of our guided tours. We offer guided tour in Tõstamaa Manor park and in Tõstamaa Manor building complex. Tõstamaa, with its historical buildings, legends and stories, offers unforgettable day. In the middle of the Tõstamaa is Tõstamaa Handicraft Shop, which is located in a former merchant’s house, sells both traditional and modern handicraft. The main selection includes authentic and unique items which have been inspired by ancient craft skills, diverse nature, and local stories.

Photo: Eveli Ilvest, Toomas Mitt

Active holiday

Charged with energy, the landscapes and villages along with the beautiful Tõstamaa manor building are filled with peace and tranquility. We have walking trails and Disc Golf trail in the manor park. We have adventure games, cultural events and workshops. There are plenty of entertaining activities for both families and groups. 

Photo: Eveli Ilvest, Toomas Mitt