Welcome to the Tõstamaa manor


Photo: Eveli Ilvest

Tõstamaa Manor is one of the best known sights in the area and a crown jewel of the local residents. The history of the Tõstamaa Manor (Testama) is long and colorful, offering many interesting and unique facts about the local life from the past and present.

During the summertime we have in Tõstamaa Manor Tourist Information Centre to offer cards and information about the region.

Tõstamaa Manor and Museum are open in summertime 

15 june – 21 august

Mondey to Sunday  12.00 – 18.00 o’clock

Ticket price:


Adult 5 €
Student/pensioner 3€
Family (2 adult and 3 children) 7€
Toddlers enter free

In Tõstamaa manor you can pay only in cash, on the basis of an invoice or make a mobile payment on the spot. There is an ATM in the middle of the town.



Gaided tours

You can go on a tour of the manor where you will learn about its history and about the life of its owners. In the basement hall, you can learn about the history of Tõstamaa. Exhibit objects will provide a glimpse of the local life and activities throughout the times. In the cinema basement hall, you will find a fascinating private collection, which offers interesting discoveries in the field of cinema for visitors of all ages.

Guided tour “Tõstamaa Manor”

You can go on a tour of the manor from the basement to the chimney hall in second floor where you will learn about its history and about the life of its owners. You will see the beautiful frescos and learn all the legends and story’s from past. You can take a look at the different temporary exhibitions. 

Discover Tõstamaa Manor complex

You will lear about the different houses of  manor and what for they was built. Lots of history and architecture.

One slowly day in Tõstamaa

It is guided tour in Tõstamaa Manor and in Tõstamaa. You will discover historical houses and places in centre of Tõstmaa. You will visit local handicraft shop, learn about cultural heritage of Tõstamaa and eating in local pub. 

“Legends of Tõstamaa”

It is guided tour to discover historical and criminal legends of Tõstamaa.

Tõstamaa Manor Game

This exciting manor game includes an adventurous excursion in Tõstamaa Manor and a quiz show and skill game after that. The game is intended for everyone, who in addition to the acquisition of knowledge, wish to play games on historical subjects and test their knowledge.

In order to conduct the manor game, at least 4 persons are needed to form the teams, who then can compare their results afterwards. Manor game in Tõstamaa manor last approximately 2.5-3 hours.