What to do and see in Tõstamaa


Photo: Tanel Tuulmees

Nature Holiday

We go to forests, boat trips and bogs all year round to pick berries, mushrooms, go camping with friends and family or go to fishing. It’s also our way to use wildlife for mental and physical wellness and deep relaxing and it helps us get in touch with your inner world. It’s our everyday life middle of the natural beaches, endless quiet bogs and ancient forests. And all of our walking trails, gaided tours, boat trips, wellness practises and wildlife await you discover in our activity centres all year round.

Photo: Kerttu Lille, Eveli Ilvest, Kätlin Kask, Getter Gerlein, Toomas Mitt,

Film of Tõstamaa by local Doctor Madis Veskimägi

Boat trip

Boat trip on lake

Ermistu Holiday Village

Lake Tõhela Holiday Village

Tõhela Boat Village 

Seikle Vabaks

Photo: Kätlin Kask, Eveli Ilvest, Getter Gerlein, Toomas Mitt