SWEDPank ATM automat are in the middle of the Tõstamaa,  on the wall of the fire stataion house.

Wireless internet (Wi-Fi) is available in most accommodation and eating places.

Apothecary’s shop

Varbla, mnt 24, 88101, Tõstamaa, Pärnumaa

Avatud T ja R 10-16

TEL 4463623

Varbla mnt 24, Tõstamaa

Avatud: E,T,K,R

kell 8.00 – 16.00

N: 8.00 – 18-00

Tel: 4471940

Tõstamaa Gas Station

Pärnu mnt 21, Tõstamaa

Avatud E-L 07.00-22.00

TEL 4800810

Tõstamaa FoodMarket
Kalli mnt 3 Tõstamaa
E-P 9-20

Tourist Information Centre are in Tõstamaa manor and  open only in summertime